Virtual fur made real

Purrapy brings you a fascinating experience of stroking a cat's fur that looks so much like real! It's like having a real cat in your smartphone.

Stroke it for purr, tap for meow, or shake it for psshhhh! Don't worry, it won't scratch you!

Choose your favorite cat

There are so many different cats! Choose a cat you like the most and give it a name to truly make it your own.

There are 6 beautiful cats in Purrapy right now. Each of them has unique fur and voice. Just choose yours!

Live wallpaper

Set Purrapy as your Live wallpaper so that your favorite cat is always there on your home screen. Surprise your friends with your beautiful furry wallpaper.

Listen to purring for as long as you want to. Try to use headphones for even greater relaxing experience.


Tired of stroking? Turn on Purr-Timer for non-stop purring. The sound is so relaxing and it's great for falling asleep with.

Purrapy supports multi-touch and it just feels so great to have it on your home screen.